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Pleating Machine India offering Pleating Machine and Rotary Pleating Machine

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Pleating Machine
We are Manufacturer & Exporters of Pleating Machine & Rotary Pleating Machine

Pleating Machine (Blade Type)

Compact, robust and a complete value for money, blade type of pleating machine is brought out by Filtration Technology, manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of vast range of filter manufacturing equipment. Pleating machine is especially suited for production of parallel accordion type pleats on a variety of filter medium like filter papers, glass fiber, synthetic media, stainless steel wire mesh and a combination of fabric and wire mesh (also heavy stainless steel meshes) or any other media.
As and extremely versatile machine it can pleat paper, cardboard, synthetic materials, copper, aluminum and metallic foils to exacting standards. Besides it is capable of pleating multi-layered media i.e. fabric and wire mesh, multiple layer of filter papers etc.

rotary pleating machine





Pleating Machine (Rotary Type)

Conventional Rotary Pleating Machines offer very high-speed production. The rotary pleaters are generally dedicated machines for places where there are high production volumes of single specific filter size and pleat depth.

Filtration Technology as manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of filter manufacturing equipment of proven reliability and performance, manufacture rotary pleaters as per customer's specification (width, capacity, and pleat depth). Though, the machines are not adjustable with regard to pleat sizes, the pleat size can be changed by changing the set of pleating rollers. Filtration Technology build rollers in various sizes that can accommodate a pleat size, range of 15 mm to 100 mm.

As a completely customer driven company we also provide rotary pleaters with special features like:

  • Rotary pleaters that undertake reverse longitudinal dimpling design of pleating.
  • Rotary pleaters that are designed and built only on order to meet very specific
    customer needs. Its rollers are profiled to meet customer's requirement unlike in the conventional rotary pleaters.

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